Buying Health and Wellness Products for Your Dog

Every dog owner knows how important dog care is. Dogs need grooming, health and wellness products. Without good care, your dog is likely to experience several health problems. It is therefore important to make sure that the products you purchase for the care of your dog are the best.

One of the most common problems likely to affect your dog is fleas. Fleas can be very harmful to the health of the dog if it does not receive timely treatment. Fleas are parasites that reside on the dog's skin and carry with them several diseases. Most of the diseases brought by fleas affect the skin and coat of the dog. They make the dog uncomfortable and miserable as they have to keep scratching themselves. Some dogs even develop an allergy to the saliva from the fleas. There is a variety of dog flea treatment products that you can use to treat and protect your dog from fleas. VetIQ manufactures dog products that are sure to keep you dog happy and free of fleas.  see page

Treating your dogs can sometimes be hard as they do not like the medication; especially if it is in pills. VetIQ pill treats are made with chicken flavors that are delicious. Additionally, the dog pill pockets have a built - in tube where the owner can easily hide a tablet inside. This makes it easy for to make the dog swallow. It is common for dogs to spit a pill if you give it without hiding. With the pill treats, your dog will swallow the pills without a fuss. Dog pill treats from VetIQ are gluten free which makes them a healthy treat for your dog. They also have a low fat and calorie count. This is in addition to the great favor that lasts long.

Another important dog product is a supplement for vitamins. Your dog might not get all the necessary vitamins and minerals from regular dog food diet. This makes it important to supplement the diet with multivitamins. Multivitamins are not necessarily a veterinarian product; you can purchase them over the counter outside the vet's office. However, you should talk to your vet so that they can recommend the best supplements for your dog. A supplement that supplies several vitamins or nutrients to the dog is better than one that only gives it a specific vitamin.

If you are dog owner looking for the best products for dogs, visit VetIQ and you will not be disappointed. At VetIQ you will find all health and wellness products that you may need for your dog.